Expo  will  be  conducted  for  3  days  parallel  with  the  conference.  The  Expo  focuses  on  showcasing  a range  of  related  industry  contribution  towards  Indonesian  development  from  various  educational institutions,  research  institutes,  government,  and  food  and  health  industry  In  Indonesia  and  abroad. Exhibitors  will  receive  the  opportunity  to:

  • Exhibit  the  organization’s  contribution  and  innovations  toward  Indonesian  Food  and  Health development  at  a  selective  international  conference  exhibition.
  • Network  with  other  related  organization  in  Food  and  Health  related  fields,  professionals,  paper presenters,  professors,  and  conference  participants  from  various  national  and  international universities  and
  • Be  in  the  running  for  an  exclusive  chance  to  exhibit  and  participate  in  the  peak  event  of  the centennial  commemoration  of  Indonesian  higher  education  in  engineering  in  2020.


Campus of Bandung Institute of Technology
Jl. Ganesha no 10, Bandung, Indonesia

Visitor Profile

  • Regional government
  • Public
  • Students and Academics
  • Target : 5,000 – 7,000 pax

Exhibitor Profile

  • Companies of Food and Health Industry
  • Member of The Indonesian Food and Beverage Association
  • Member of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Group
  • Member of National Meat Processors Association
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Ministry of Health
  • National Agency of Drug and Food Control
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