About BICFH 2019


The science and technology in the field of food and health is developing rapidly reviewed from various aspects. This advancement is due to the development on various Food and Health produced by related Industry. The influence of food on health is enormous. The type of food will greatly determine the level of human health. The efforts to get high quality food could help maintain good health, prevent disease and even help treat illness. The quality of public health is a key indicator for all countries and a goal that must be achieved in various ways by successful countries.

The main strategy to improve community health status, aside from efforts to treat existing diseases, is by improving health quality to minimize outbreaks of disease. In addition to the use of pharmaceutical products, food plays a major role in determining the quality of public health.

The relation between food, physiological function and disease is increasingly understandable scientifically through the recent development of knowledge and technology.

Currently food is not only consumed as a source of nutrients and energy but also to provide health benefits. Foods providing health benefits are known as nutraceutical. The health benefits of nutraceutical products need to be scientifically proven through quality researches. The global nutritional market significant and has promising value. The global economic value for nutraceutical products is increasing with growth rates ranging from 7-14%. The economic value earned in 1999 was 38.2 billion US dollars has rose to US $ 205.39 in 2016 and is expected to grow to US $ 294.79 in 2022 The economic value is spread across the world with the largest number available in Asia Pacific countries followed by countries in North America and Europe. (Figures 1 and 2). Although the growth of the nutraceutical industry has notable increase, this improvement is still considered new and still in the early stages, with the sense that it is still growing rapidly.

Indonesia is an important market for nutritional food marked by the large number of food and nutraceutical products in the national market derived from imported products and local products. Research that supports the development of nutrasetikal products in Indonesia has also started to develop, while raw materials for nutraceutical products are abundant in Indonesia in addition to the raw materials obtained from the development of biotechnology products. Various developments in the knowledge and technology of food and health sector will be the main topic in Bandung Food and Health Conferences and Expo 2019 (BFHC & Expo 2019). This event will be held by Bandung Institute of Technology under the coordination of Research Center of Biosciences and Biotechnology, in commemoration of 100 Years ITB.

BFHC & Expo 2019 includes scientific activities in the form of conferences with speakers from Indonesia and abroad as well as exhibitions from food and health industries and other related businesses.


Picture 1. Global market growth and economic value on nutraceutical products (left) and Regional Contribution (Frost & Sullivan, Chauvan, et. al. 2014)


Picture 2. The distribution and nutraceutical products growth (Frost & Sullivan)


  1. To be a tool for researchers, government and industry from Indonesia and abroad to share information on logging, research, regulation, food and health products
  2. To build and strengthen networks between research, government, industry and society in producing quality food and health products.
  3. To promote the national and international Food and Health industries through expo involving the participants in a large group.
  4. To update research and food and health development by researchers from various academic, research and industry.

Scientific Program

The conference will be held for 3 days consisting of morning and afternoon sessions. The program consists of presentations by keynote lecturers, plenary lectures, invited speakers sessions, oral presentation and poster presentations. The topics included in this seminar are various topics related to Food and Health such as:

  1. Nutraceutical
  2. Food safety
  3. Natural sources of food
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Health
  6. Food industries and manufactures
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Nanotechnology
  9. Biology
  10. Chemistry
  11. Others